the reformed Black Pill Philosophy

Black Pill Charter

For Men
Our goal is to transform you into the best version of yourself. Both externally and internally. This means that your chances on the dating market will increase proportionally to your progress. You'll become more balanced simply because you'll be proud of your accomplishments. You will automatically have more self-confidence because you will like more and more what you see in the mirror and so will others. You will be happier because your dreams and desires will come true. You will be wealthier because you will learn to manage your finances and invest, to become financially independent. Someday you will look back at this moment and tell yourself that taking this path was the best decision of your life. We'll be with you every step of the way. And the first of these is to examine your old beliefs. Do you hold a grudge against women (Red Pill Rage)? Are you deeply frustrated? Have you given up? So we've written down a few principles for you here, so you know roughly which way to go. Give it a chance, you won't regret it.
For Women
Our goal is to transform men into the best version of themselves. Both externally and internally. This means more choices for you and should be in your best interest. This is not a pick-up forum where men are taught how to get as many women as possible and get celebrated for it. This is about helping both sexes find what they are looking for. Our philosophy is primarily directed at men only because that's where we can best apply the solution to both genders' problems: you're not satisfied with the current selection of men and are reluctant to settle for a compromise. Now, instead of criticizing you for this and presenting it as excessive demands, we want to improve the product 'man'. You will find more men, more men will be chosen, everyone will be happy. That's why everything here is addressed towards men. This does not mean that you are not welcome here! On the contrary, you are more than welcome to help develop the theory. You are anonymous here, you can say without hesitation how you imagine the dream man. It would enrich the project very much.
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We assume that both sexes are equally good or bad. On both sides there are great people and terrible ones and only little has to do with gender. In cases where one gender sticks out in an excessively negative way, it is often due to situational reasons, where the opposite gender would act in the same way in the same situation. The remaining differences are not sufficient to pillory one of the sexes. For this reason, we reject any agitation against the opposite sex! This applies to both sides.

We assume that both sexes are equally in search of romantic happiness, whatever that may look like in the individual case. Our ambition is therefore to provide both genders with the widest possible choice and we believe that transformation to the best version of oneself is a central part of this. However, while society places great emphasis on the development of inner values (which we applaud), external factors such as appearance, physique and status fall short. What looks superficial at first glance is actually the result of years of hard discipline, willpower, perseverance, and many other positive qualities, and thus a valid reason for romantic interest even beyond aesthetic preferences.

We further believe that aesthetic preferences have the legitimacy to be a valid reason for romantic interest and that it is nobody’s right to deny this to another person. If you want to place a low value on appearance in your own dating preferences, don’t force yourself. However, we see a social bias against people who are looking for a partner who they like a lot on the outside.  In many cases, this has resulted in a compulsion to keep one’s true preferences a secret so as not to become a victim of social stigma. As a result, many people of the opposite sex are given a completely false impression, so they “optimize” themselves past the market. For this reason, we see it as one of our tasks to break down these social stigmas and to educate about what increases one’s own market value.

We are convinced that an attractive physical appearance can have a significant positive impact on one’s well-being. For decades, studies have repeatedly shown how good-looking people receive better deals and reactions under the same conditions than those who are less good-looking. Nowhere is this more true than in the dating market. An unfulfilling love life, or even the absence of it for years, has been proven to have drastic effects on the psyche and in many cases results in frustration, depression, and projected hatred for the opposite sex. To prevent or cure this, we motivate everyone to get the most out of themselves and offer ways and solutions to that end.

The Black Pill philosophy has been accused by media and representatives of other dating philosophies of producing frustrated incels, some of whom even snap. They were right about that. But those times are over now. It’s easy for a journalist to dwell on the words and actions of a frustrated young person without even a sentence analyzing the causes, let alone trying to help him. It is the mindset of the rich snob who is disgusted by the beggars on the street. The Black Pill philosophy was still young and its first steps clueless. But now it has evolved and set out to get the beggars off the streets and the incels onto the dating markets, to give the men dream girls and the women dream men. This is the reformed Black Pill! And it’s going to change the dating reality for everyone….




High IQ
Black Pill Prime Directive

If you despise women, why are you even bothering with dating? Most people in whatever pill philosophy want to improve their chances in the heterosexual dating market, so it’s obviously about letting women into one’s life. If you’re not into that, just go to MGTOW and never talk about it again. Problem solved. If you’d rather stay frustrated, go to Red Pill. The Manosphere has come to specialize in portraying women as evolutionarily completely screwed up beings who have all the bad in the world inside them. But there are just as many stupid men as there are women. We don’t care how frustrated you are, it is low IQ to take that frustration out on the opposite sex.

Black Pill Prime Directive

The Black Pill philosophy has not earned a good reputation in its short career so far. This was due to the fact that this philosophy, although largely correct in its analysis, has not yet offered any possible solutions. In fact, this has always been the Black Pill’s greatest weakness: although argumentatively sound, the main point of attack has always been the accusation that the Black Pill is nihilistic and giving up. This project will change that! And on this path we don’t need anyone from our own ranks to put obstacles in our way.

Black Pill Prime Directive

No matter how far you have ascended, keep your ego on the ground! Don’t be the rich snob who insults the beggar. Don’t lie, don’t cheat, be true to your word! Have honor, morals and integrity. Be the rock for your people, not the surf. Don’t get involved in petty wars, don’t pick on anyone, and stay calm. You will achieve true greatness only when you combine your impressive appearance with humility and respect. We show the way to create role models, not arrogant douchebags.

Black Pill Prime Directive

The chances of you even existing, let alone in this time and reading a dating site, are galactically slim. It would be a sacrilege to disregard this miracle and let your meager lifetime mold away. It is therefore your job to get the best out of yourself! In a few years you will be old and in a few more dead. Your life is not a computer game where you can restart. There is no time to waste. Live now! Ascend now!

Black Pill Prime Directive

The goal is clear: to bring the reformed Black Pill to as many men as possible. Every day, thousands end up in the friend zone and don’t know why. Every day thousands become victims of coaching fraud and don’t even realize it. Every day thousands are indoctrinated about how bad and spoiled women are. The whole dating market is a mess. The more people find the true way, the sooner normality will return. Spread the word!



Frequently Asked Question

There are enough couples where the man is not a feast for the eyes. How does that fit with your philosophy?

Of course, there are these couples and there are even more couples where the man looks average and yet has a girlfriend who is happy with him. It is absolutely possible to convince with your character, personality, humor and similar Blue Pill qualities. It’s just not reliably evocable. That’s the problem with it! It takes a very specific woman who happens to be looking for those very qualities, and then it takes a very specific situation and an extended period of time for the woman to get to know and appreciate those qualities in the man. And the connection can break off again at any time along the way. For this situation to occur and for it to successfully result in a relationship, it can take a couple of years for the average man. You can also imagine how valuable this woman is to the average man, because when she is gone, he may have to wait years again for something new to come along. Unlike an average woman, an average man is not able to reliably change his single status. He is not free in this respect. But if a man looks good, he automatically receives positive feedback from women every day, many of which are clear invitations to deepen the connection. Sure, maybe something else doesn’t fit then, but the sheer range of dating options makes him a free, confident, healthy person. Don’t tell us that this is not a noble goal.

Why didn't you try to reform the Red Pill instead?

The Red Pill is beyond redemption. Their basic assumptions are wrong, their strategies ineffective, and their leaders corrupt. The level of hypocrisy is sickening: they condemn women who have slept with more than two men, while in the same breath bragging about how many women they have laid this year (in their dreams). They teach their followers how important it is to vet a woman’s sexual past like a little insecure snoop, while their own sexual past becomes more glorious with each lay. They condemn marriage while they themselves are in one and they rail against single moms while they themselves have recently been dumped by one. They sell you useless pheromone soap for ten times the price and useless programs for a hundred times the price. They lie about their success with women. They hire paid actresses for their infield videos because their “game” only works for money and they still sell it to you as the holy grail. Although they claim to be the best seducers in the world, their female yield is meager and their girlfriends are nothing any run-of-the-mill Blue Piller couldn’t achieve. Because that’s exactly what the Red Pill is: a brainwashed Blue Pill cult whose gurus have found a way to capitalize on men’s frustration by selling them hot air. There is nothing to reform there.

So there is no Red Pill at all? Can you elaborate on that?

Is a Blue Pill man who takes a dance class to score with women now Red Pill? Why not? Is a Blue Pill man who learns stand-up comedy because he heard that women like humor no longer Blue Pill? Of course not. But as soon as someone makes a modified mix of these two seduction attempts, suddenly he is Red Pill.

Both philosophies are based on impressing women with certain behaviors. They try to compensate for an inadequacy in attractiveness with something that an authority figure suggests to them as valid (e.g., game). And they must actively convince the woman about themselves. For comparison: as a looksmaxed black piller you don’t have to do anything at all to get women interested in you. A game-maxed man still has to run his show from front to back, just as a humor-maxed man has to do. If, like in the movie “Matrix,” there are only two pills, then the black pill is the red one.

Then why are you still using the term Red Pill?

First, because we don’t care. They can call themselves whatever they want, it doesn’t change the content. But beyond that, there is a need to distinguish between the two philosophies, because the Blue Pill is not organized and has no discernible concept other than haphazard trial and error. The Red Pill shares with the Blue Pill the world view that women need to be “convinced” by the man, in their case by “Game”. The difference, however, is that they are organized, have clearly identifiable leaders, a self-identification as a group, and a systematized approach. It is a cultist subgroup of the Blue Pill, but before we confuse everyone with new terms, let’s just call them what they want to be called

What if someone violates the Prime Directive and does something stupid?

If it happens here on our site, he will be kicked out and banned on all IP addresses. If it happens outside, we are not responsible for it, but will do everything to educate that it was a stupid action. We do our best to make it clear in as many places as possible that our path is a conciliatory one and our goal is of a positive nature. If a climate change disciple goes on a rampage in a coal-fired power plant, does that mean that the climate change movement is responsible? Should they now shut everything down because of the actions of one lunatic? The point of our movement is to prevent such freak-outs by showing frustrated men the way out. If an incel reads in the newspaper how shitty he is, it will pull him deeper into the mire. But if someone from the Black Pill reaches out to him and points to the light at the end of the tunnel, he might listen. That’s why our project is so important.

I'm a journalist and I have a few questions.

In principle, we are available for journalistic inquiries. We are non-political, are not against anyone and have good intentions. However, you can’t always say that about the media. Therefore, we would always decide individually whether we have a good feeling about a journalist or a particular medium. We hope that you can see what our intention is with this project. We are open to criticism and will consider any suggestion for improvement. However, if we repeatedly experience that journalists are only concerned with undifferentiated badmouthing of us, we would reconsider our attitude toward the media.

I am an Incel. It’s over for me!

If you are at least a 4 out of 10, you’re just too lazy. Yes, some men have won the genetic lottery just as some men were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and you started out in the slums. You’ll probably never get a Stacy, just like we’ll never have our own private jet. But does that mean we now sit at home, wallow in our pity, and put ourselves out of work? Shouldn’t we still try to do the best we can? Maybe it won’t be a private jet, but for sure a small, nice car is possible. Go through the program and you will find a normal, decent woman. Your frustration comes from not having this woman served to you on a silver platter. The rules of the game have changed and over are only the times when a man with below-average looks could still find a woman without much effort. But you know the new rules of the game and if you are not ready to do something for it, then you do not deserve it. We are here to guide you, but the path walk yourself you have to.

Seriously, I am not even a 3 out of 10.

First of all, you should still try to get the most out of yourself. This is a basic prerequisite for any further action, and it may be enough to get you into normal territory. There are also other options: plastic surgery is now very advanced and can work wonders in many cases. Another option is to try to get rich, for example by starting your own online business, as many have already done (Financemaxing). Or you build up an average income that is independent of location and move to a poorer country (geomaxing), where your looks, even a high age, plays a very subordinate role. If you are a truecel (grotesquely deformed, extremely short, paraplegic, etc) it will be very difficult. Maybe the measures described above will help anyway. Or you may find a woman with similar physical challenges. Otherwise, there is still the option of paid sex, even if this of course does not fulfill the romantic side. Life can be unfair sometimes.

Important Note

When we talk about incels, we mean those who suffer peacefully. We dissociate ourselves expressly from any hatred or agitation against groups of people and will do everything to keep such persons away from our project! We do everything in our power to build up a positive counter-philosophy, so that such ideologies have no room to develop. A promising counter-philosophy is, in our opinion, the best way to prevent young people from becoming radicalized. We are in no way associated with any incel forum and never will be! We do, however, reach out to anyone who wants to leave their negative beliefs behind and embark on a new path.

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