We have big plans for this project. Our goal is to create the perfect dating philosophy and make it the dominant mainstream. The reformed Black Pill is worlds superior to any other approach. It protects against time wastage, frustration and scams. It brings hope and success to the dating market. But it still has a long way to go.

A lot of ideas and designs are in planning, which unfortunately not only demand time investment but also cause costs. We’re not rich, but we’re trying to put as much as we can into this project to keep it going or expand it. The more independently this project is financed, the more things we can realize and the higher quality we can deliver. For this reason, we are happy about every donation we get for it.

Black Pill Upgrades

Currently planned projects

Every donation will be used to maintain and develop this project. Specifically, this involves:

  • Realizing new projects
  • Licenses for third-party images and videos for high quality content
  • Insurances for protection against legal disputes
  • Legal consultations (national and international law)
  • Corporate costs (e.g., virtual office, tax consultancy,  bank fees, provider, etc)
  • Hiring external designers and programmers. We want it professional.

…and many more

We want this project to be successful! We would rather put new ideas on the waiting list instead of releasing them with average quality.

The Black Pill Project is a movement! We are confident that together we can help countless people, both men and women, and in the end perhaps have a balanced dating market where everyone can find something suitable. The more shoulders we spread the load on, the faster we will get closer to that goal. Thank you very much for your support!

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