Male and female face around. The woman's head lies on the shoulder of a man. All painted in gold paint, the feeling of a single whole organism.

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We are from all over the world and not bound to any country or culture. Everyone is welcome. The parent company is based in Europe, from where this project originated.
All products are available on Amazon in English and German (more languages will be added later)

    Black Pill Dating is a project designed to help men adapt to the changing conditions of the dating market. We want to encourage that there are absolutely ways to improve your love life or to have one at all. It is important for us to educate so that men don’t waste their valuable time and energy on things that don’t have any significant impact. And we want to give them the tools to become the best version of themselves.

    Even though we started this project, we don’t want to do it alone. Our vision is to unite men from all over the world in a positive endeavor. So if you feel you have something to contribute, we look forward to hearing from you. In particular we are looking for the following:

    • Influencers who provide valuable information through their video channels. We would include you under the “Community” tab with your own banner and embed selected videos.
    • Blog and forum owners who would like to link their site here with a banner. At a later time selected contributions are to be perpetuated here.
    • Owners of high-quality products that are useful for looksmaxing. If they pass our tests, we will include and link them on our “Products” tab. For visitors to our community there should be the possibility of a discount.
    • People who want to link or recommend our homepage on their website. We will provide you with our banner.
    • Everyone who has an idea to improve the project.

    Important note: We know about the negative sides of dating today and the dangers that have ruined quite a few men. Hypergamy, divorce rates, shocking court rulings, radical feminism, false accusations – we’ve studied it all extensively. But it is not our approach to agitate against women or to wage a gender war in which there can be no winners. For every bad story there is a counterpart on the women’s side, and for every heartbreaking experience there are ten wonderful ones elsewhere. If something like this has happened to you, be elsewhere. Improve yourself and your life will improve. This is the way.