Since we can’t put every thought in our books or discuss it in full, this blog exists. It is meant to serve as a central collection point of important concepts and give readers a deeper insight into the reformed Black Pill philosophy. At the same time, the blog also serves as an invitation to participate: if you have written a high-quality article, we would be happy if you would share it here (with or without your name).

Many articles on this blog deal with external sources, which are reproduced here in one way or another. This is solely for the purpose of commenting on or critiquing relevant topics, enlightenment and education, or in the scientific sense, the search for truth. We therefore invoke the right of fair use. If the author of the source does not agree with the use of his material, we kindly ask you to inform us via the contact form. We would appreciate it very much if this would not be misused to avoid an open debate, but if there were actually comprehensible reasons.

Likewise, we would like to unite the various influencers on the web here to disseminate existing knowledge and jointly gain new insights. Please contact us in this case and become part of the team. This is not a solo run, but a movement.
Important Notes
  • We demand of ourselves to conduct any discussion with the given respect. At the same time, we also expect this from others when they confront our content. We do not respond to those who have forgotten the basic rules of interpersonal communication.
  • We will not participate in any doxing. Please refrain from sending personal information about others. We would delete them immediately anyway. We firmly believe in honorable debate, regardless of how we personally feel about someone.
  • We ourselves are a growing group of people without any aspirations to become famous or rich from this (we still want to cover the costs). Since each of us is a nobody, personally attacking individuals makes as much sense as taking out a single Borg to fight the collective. Just don’t.
  • We have decided to disable the comment function of this blog. This is for the sole reason that this form is not suitable for a constructive debate. However, for each article we create a separate thread in the forum, where you can vigorously discuss the respective topic.
  • If you would like to see a particular aspect covered in more detail in the form of a blog article, drop us a line.